Virtual Tours (360°)


A Virtual Tour is an attractive and dynamic way to get to know a property without actually being there. This technology, initially developed for european museums, provides internet users with a better understanting of the distribution of volume and space.  Virtual Tours allow a users to view an environment whilst on-line. Currently a variety of industries use such technology to help market their services and products but it is particularly useful in real estate, arquitecture and tourism.

PropImage offers the best technology in virtual tours (360°). While some virtual tour providers offer small low resolution virtual tours for real estate agents, PropImage produces full screen tours guaranteed to impact even the saviest internet users.

¿How does it benefit my real estate business?

Buyers will enjoy the benefit of visiting your properties online from the comfort of their home. A virtual tour saves time to potential buyers and realtors alike. It also provides realtors with a great marketing tour that will be appreciated by the seller and the buyer. When searching for properties or places to go on vacation internet users demand more up to date technology on the web. Virtual tours will replace photographs in the future. Get ahead of the competition.

¿Who uses 360°?

 A Virtual Tour is the ideal way to promote real estate developments, hotels and museums among others.  Here is a list of some of the most common areas that make use of virtual tours to market their products:
    ? Real Estate
    ? Tourism
    ? Restaurants
    ? Architecture
    ? Vacation rentals
    ? Museums and galleries
    ? Educational Institutions
    ? Industries
    ? Building industry

¿How can I show a virtual tour?

Most websites these days support Flash but if yours doesn´t, we will gladly host your tour on a personlized page in our website. Users will simply click on the link and a full-screen high resolution virtual tour will open on their monitors.

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